Ambitious Dragon at Mystic Fire, NHAT-TS

(Mcmatt's Shades of Bayouland x BriarRidge's Queen Bee at mystic Fire)

DoB: February 11, 2019

|FCI Hips: too young| FCI Elbows: too young| Patella: too young| DOV(eyes) clear|

|CEA| PRA| HSF4| MDR1| all clear by parents

|Height inches (cm)|

| full dentition| scissors bite|

|ASCA: E211205| FCI: CMKU/AUO/5282/19|

DNA profiled:, ASCA DNA-VP


Coowned by Mystic Fire

17.8.2019 KCHMPP club show puppy class VP1

31.11.-1.12.2019 ASCA show 9-12 class 3rd place/9

25.7.2020 KCHMPP Club show open class Ex.1/16 CAC, BOS

5.9.2020 NDS Olomouc Exc.1/4 CAC

Candidate to Czech Champion 2 x CAC(4)


NHAT passed 29.8.2020