Welcome at Mystic Fire website!

Shortly a few info about me. My Name is Darina and I live in a family house in Mladá Boleslav. My first aussie came to me in 2011 his name is Jack. 3 years later came to our home unexpectedly second aussie, it is Jack's brother Jumbo. Since was Jack two years old I was looking for a girl.

And my dream came true in 2016, she came to Czech Republic directly from USA kennel BriarRidge, my dream girl Miss Raina. I hope that this cute little girl  brings a little bit of femininity and delicacy to our testosterone gang.

The last addition to our crazy gang was in 2018 a gorgeous boy form USA kennel Testimony, his name is Rover and is co-owned by his breeder Jillian Ward and my dear friend Bára Drahoňovská

Here at Mystic Fire Aussies, our dogs are part of our family.

Mystic Fire is and always will be a small Kennel with just few dogs living with us.  I believe that every dog is special and needs attention. Our goal is producing sound, healthy and versatile dogs.  It is important to develop Aussies that are physically and mentally capable of fulfilling their potential.

This is not the breed for everyone. Please take some time to research the breed before deciding to get an Aussie.  While they are loving companions, Aussies have high energy needs and quite simply, a tired Aussie is a good Aussie, but an exhausted Aussie is a great Aussie.